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Our services: Creating websites and e-stores, advertising, development and consulting.

Our Services

Create a Website

Professional website design is our goal when designing and programming your site, as we provide a website design service at Bashir Web Services Corporation with the latest technologies and technical methods in design, we create the website in proportion to search engines and all browsers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We offer you a plan to configure your site for search engines, i.e. what is known as Search Engine, through an integrated configuration of your site and product, ensuring the first results in search engines, especially the Google search engine, double the number of your customers and sales with us

Marketing your products

We offer you a marketing plan on social networking sites by creating advertising campaigns on Twitter - Facebook - Google Adwords - LinkedIn and YouTube, where we choose the type of audience you want to reach in the smallest details. Paid advertising campaigns are one of the fastest and easiest ways to spread and market products, as it facilitates direct access to customer segments. Targeted

Why Bashir Web Services?

Installation and setup

We offer you customized work such as setup and installation by a specialized team to get your site ready in a short time

Technical support

Our mission is to maintain your site as we do technical matters in an innovative way so that your site works efficiently and with high performance

Protection System

Make sure that your site is under our full guarantee, as we are fully responsible for protecting it and securing it from hacking and malicious codes, so rest assured that someone is watching over your site.

Together we and you will take the next 10 steps

Together we and you will take the next ten steps We are 9 steps and the tenth is yours

Professional Design

Complete installation and setup

Hosting + Domain Name

Specialized Technical Support

Site BackUPS

Periodic update of the site

Responsive for all devices

Protection and Safety

Website Development

As you write the content

People judge you by your performance, so focus on your output. Make quality and perfection the measures of your work. Do not look at quantity, but at quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide you with my location information?

When choosing the appropriate plan for you after the final agreement and immediately after payment, you visit us at the company’s office or communicate by phone directly, where we will hand you a smart form that allows you to provide us with all the required information, such as choosing the appropriate template for you, the name of the site and other information that enables us to provide the best suitable service for you

How do I install and set up the site?

We will take care of all the hard work to get your site ready and installed perfectly, we offer you a completely hassle-free service

Do I need to provide hosting for my site?

You do not need to buy or provide hosting, because we provide you with everything you need to launch a high-quality website including website design, secure hosting and high performance

How do I choose the design or template that suits me?

After subscribing, you can choose the template you want and it will be installed on your site with its customization and modification to suit you if you request it

Can I add my own content to the site?

We provide you with an easy and simple control panel that enables you to manage the site completely and add images, services, products, your articles, pages, and anything you see that you can modify and control

What exactly do I get when I subscribe to one of your plans?

You will get a high quality website, with your own domain name registered in your name and high performance hosting, a comprehensive service for everything you need to own a website

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